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Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The five-year Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) program, first implemented this 2018, is designed to equip the students with the fundamental principles of pharmaceutical sciences, grounded in sound principles from different broad and different fields such as biology, chemistry, and mathematics. It answers the need for more experts, leaders, managers, and innovators in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Candidates also undergo different internship programs which will expose them to the different fields of pharmacy, such as community, hospital, manufacturing, social and administrative, and regulatory pharmacy.

The BSPS program will produce graduates who are able to innovate, lead, manage, communicate, and collaborate in their chosen career paths. The program aims to provide them with the key competencies that will enable them to fully apply themselves in any specialization within the Pharmaceutical Sciences. Graduates of the program are not only capable problem-solvers and decision makers, they can also serve as effective partners with other scientists, industry professionals, and administrators. The graduates may also immerse themselves in drug and product development research. The graduates will also develop a set of values and ethics that will drive them to serve society during their professional career.

At the end of the program, the graduate is expected to:

  1. Practice pharmacy in a professional, legal and ethical manner to serve the Filipino people;
  2. Effectively communicate pharmaceutical product information and research outputs in the pharmaceutical sciences to key stakeholders through different types of media;
  3. Conduct ethical and relevant researches that focus on design, development, and manufacture of medicines;
  4. Work collaboratively with inter- and multi-professional pharmaceutical industries and other related fields;
  5. Pursue life-long learning for professional development towards nation building;
  6. Apply the principles of product lifecycle management in ensuring operational efficiency;
  7. Evaluate the safety, efficacy, quality, and cost of pharmaceutical products; and,
  8. Formulate pharmaceutical products designed to achieve optimum therapeutic outcomes.

Download: BSPS Curriculum

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