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International Student Exchange Program

Program Description

This is a three-week program designed to orient and expose Filipino pharmacy students to the different areas of other countries’ pharmacy profession, concerning patient-directed care and population-based services. In order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the other’s practice, the program shall tackle the country’s pharmacy educational system, regulatory environment, and both community, industrial, and hospital practices. It would also allow the Filipino students to interact with international students and healthcare professionals in the conduct of pharmacy-related activities. The program will be conducted using didactic, practical and experiential learning exercises. Partner institutions are engaged for the discussion of specific topics and demonstration of selected pharmacy practices and services. The international exchange program will cover for the community pharmacy internship immersion held during short-terms.

Program Objectives

The three-week course aims to:

  1. Deepen understanding of how pharmaceutical care can be applied outside the four corners of classrooms, drugstores, manufacturing plants, and hospitals
  2. Promote awareness of socio-cultural-economic determinants of health and community service
  3. Provide exposure to various sectors of other countries’ pharmacy profession, as well as the practice sites
  4. Offer unique learning experiences through working with international pharmacy preceptors and students

Expected Outcomes for Students

After the three-week exposure to different areas of pharmacy practice, the students should be able to:

  1. Integrate theoretical and academic knowledge with practical skills in collaboration with other healthcare professionals
  2. Describe the current state of the pharmacy profession in other countries, in terms of:
    • Academic training and continuing education of the pharmacists
    • Regulatory environment, including licensing and regulation of practitioners and drug outlets
    • Community, industrial, and hospital practice, including other patient-directed and population-based pharmaceutical services
    • Inter-professional education and collaboration

Program Faculty

Edwin C. Ruamero, RPh

| Student Relations Officer

| Chair, Committee on Student Activities and Welfare

Kristine Eves S. Garcia, RPh

| CHDP Coordinator

Mac Ardy J. Gloria, RPh, MPH, Dip Clin Epid

| Chair, Department of Pharmacy

Francis R. Capule, RPh, PhD

| Dean, UP College of Pharmacy

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