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The UP College of Pharmacy Alumni Association, Inc.

The UP College of Pharmacy Alumni Association (UPCPAA), Inc. was incorporated and registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2019, giving legal entity and new name to its forerunner, the UP Pharmacy Alumni Association (UPPhAA). The Alumni Association was established to:

  1. Foster close relationships among the alumni of the UP College of Pharmacy by undertaking activities, projects and programs such as but not limited to, homecoming, reunions or fund-raising events, in support of the UP College of Pharmacy;
  2. Support and uplift the Pharmacy Profession for the realization of the full potential of pharmacists and other handlers of medicines, through the conduct of continuing professional development (CPD) activities and other relevant activities;
  3. Serve as a link of the alumni with the UP College of Pharmacy, the UP Manila Alumni Association, the UP Alumni Association and other alumni associations;
  4. Promote the general welfare of the UPCP alumni; and
  5. Undertake or support activities, programs, and projects that are beneficial to the University of the Philippines, the community, and the society.

This logo was created by Mr. Ihris Jay Terrado

Officers and Board of Directors (2021-2023)

UPCPAA and UPPhAA Presidents

Ex-Officio Members

Bienvenido S. Balotro, BSIP 1981, MSP (IP) 2010

Dean, UP College of Pharmacy


Mac Ardy J. Gloria, BSIP 2013

Alumni Relations Officer

Francis R. Capule, BSP 2004

Chair, Department of Pharmacy


Joanna V. Toralba, BSP 2002, MSP (PC) 2012

Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Ethel Andrea C. Ladignon, BSP 2009, MSP (IP) 2017

Chair, Department of Industrial Pharmacy

Council of Advisers

Ma. Rosario L. Bautista-Barangan, BSIP 1985, MS(IP) 2005

Immediate Former President, 2018-2021


Paul Marvin T. Quizon, BSP 2005, MSP (IP) 2011

Former President, 2016-2018


Reynaldo Maxlito H. Umali, BSIP 1969

Former President, 2014-2016


Atty. Froilan A. Bagabaldo, BSIP 1981

Former President, 2008-2012


Monet M. Loquias, BSP 1994, MSP 1999

Former Dean, 2016-2019

Imelda G. Peña, BSIP 1984, MS(IP) 1994

Former Dean, 2010-2016


Jocelyn S. Bautista-Palacpac, BSIP 1988, MS(IP) 1997

Former Dean, 2007-2010


Yolanda R. Robles, BSP 1984

Former Dean, 2001-2007


Leticia-Barbara Bañez-Gutierrez, BSP 1956 (mcl)

Former Dean, 1989-2001


Lui Gen S. Catague

President, UPPhA Student Council


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