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Student Requests


Here is a list of student services that can be processed by the OCS-Admin Office:

  • Certificate & Document Requests
  • Application for Graduation
  • Change of Matriculation
  • CP College Clearance
  • Completion/Change of Grade
  • Dropping Subjects
  • Application for Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Maximum Residency Rate (MRR) Extension
  • Request for Late Enrollment and Payment
  • Readmission Application from LOA
  • Readmission Application from AWOL
  • Application for Justification of Underloading
  • Application for Overloading
  • Validation of Courses
  • Substitution of Subjects
  • OSA Counseling Request
  • Shifting to Another Course
  • Transferring to Another University

Detailed Guides

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