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Undergraduate Courses

2018 BSP & BSPS Curricula

Clin Pharm 114: Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Parasitology Laboratory

Clin Pharm 140: Health Ethics and Leadership in Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 141: Pharmacist in the Healthcare System

Clin Pharm 142: Foundations of Pharmaceutical Care

Clin Pharm 143: Foundations of Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 150: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience in the Philippine Healthcare System

Clin Pharm 151: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience in the Institutional Setting

Clin Pharm 152: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience in the Community Retail Setting

Clin Pharm 153: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Clin Pharm 160: Pharmacy Operations

Clin Pharm 161: Pharmacy Wellness and Health Promotion

Clin Pharm 162: Medication Safety

Clin Pharm 166: Clinical Nutrition in Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 167: Integrative Medicine

Clin Pharm 169: Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control

Clin Pharm 170: Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Clin Pharm 171: Quality Management for Clinical Pharmacy Practice

Clin Pharm 172: Evidence-based Medicine and Drug Information

Clin Pharm 173: Pharmacoepidemiology in Therapeutic Risk Management

Clin Pharm 174: Clinical Assessment for Pharmacy Practice

Clin Pharm 176: Medication Counseling

Clin Pharm 180: Immunopharmacotherapy

Clin Pharm 181: Pharmacotheraphy of Infectious Diseases

Clin Pharm 182: Pharmacotheraphy of Pulmonary and Gastrointestinal Diseases

Clin Pharm 183: Pharmacotheraphy of Cardiovascular Diseases

Clin Pharm 184: Pharmacotheraphy of Nephrologic and Endocrine Diseases

Clin Pharm 185: Pharmacotheraphy of Neurological and Psychological Disorders

Clin Pharm 186: Oncology Pharmacotherapy

Clin Pharm 187: Pharmacotheraphy in Emergency and Critical Care

Clin Pharm 190: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Industrial Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 191: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Community Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 192: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Institutional Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 193: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Hospital Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 194: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 195: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Primary Healthcare Pharmacy

Clin Pharm 200: Pharmacy Thesis

Pharm 101: Pharmacy as a Profession

Pharm 104: Pharmacognosy

Pharm 106: Pharmaceutical Calculations

Pharm 107: Pharmaceutical Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry

Pharm 107.1: Pharmaceutical Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Pharm 110: Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

Pharm 113: Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Pharm 114: Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Parasitology

Pharm 116: Pharmaceutical Management

Pharm 117: Pharmaceutical Accounting

Pharm 118: Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharm 120: Human Anatomy and Physiology for Pharmacy 1

Pharm 121: Human Anatomy and Physiology for Pharmacy 2

Pharm 125: Pharmacology for Pharmacy 1

Pharm 126: Pharmacology for Pharmacy 2

Pharm 127: Pharmaceutical Toxicology

Pharm 128: Medicinal Chemistry

Pharm 129: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Pharm 130: Pharmaceutics 1

Pharm 131: Pharmaceutics 2

Pharm 133: Dispensing and Incompatibilities

Pharm 136: Legal Pharmacy

Pharm 138: Health Technology Assessment and Pharmaceutical Policy

Pharm 195: Pharmaceutical Statistics

Pharm 197: Pharmacy Seminar

Pharm 199: Research Methods in Pharmacy

Pharm Sci 140.1: Techniques in Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1

Pharm Sci 141: Pharmaceutical Organic Synthesis

Pharm Sci 141.1: Techniques in Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1

Pharm Sci 143.1: Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Analysis

Pharm Sci 144: Instrumental Methods in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharm Sci 146: Medicinal Natural Products

Pharm Sci 147: Analysis of Crude Drugs and Natural Products

Pharm Sci 150: Professional Pharmacy Communications

Pharm Sci 152: Hospital Pharmacy

Pharm Sci 154: Pharmacotherapeutics

Pharm Sci 160: Biological Assays

Pharm Sci 162: Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development

Pharm Sci 164: Biopharmaceutics

Pharm Sci 166: Pharmacy in Public Health

Pharm Sci 171.1: Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory 1

Pharm Sci 172.1: Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory 2

Pharm Sci 173.1: Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory 3

Pharm Sci 174.1: Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory 4

Pharm Sci 180.1: Pharmaceutical Sciences Internship 1

Pharm Sci 180.2: Pharmaceutical Sciences Internship 2

Pharm Sci 180.3: Pharmaceutical Sciences Internship 3

Pharm Sci 180.4: Pharmaceutical Sciences Internship 4

Pharm Sci 180.5: Pharmaceutical Sciences Internship 5

Pharm Sci 182: Production Planning and Inventory Control

Pharm Sci 184: Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals

Pharm Sci 185: Pharmaceutical Engineering

Pharm Sci 187: Pharmaceutical Formulations

Pharm Sci 187.1: Pharmaceutical Formulations Laboratory

Pharm Sci 188: Cosmetic Product Development

Pharm Sci 191: Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharm Sci 193: Pharmaceutical Validation 1

Pharm Sci 194: Pharmaceutical Validation 2

Pharm Sci 200.1: Undergraduate Thesis 1

Pharm Sci 200.2: Undergraduate Thesis 2

2005 BSP & BSIP Curricula

Clin Phar 175: Clinical Pharmacy Practice

Clin Phar 180: Patient Medication Counseling

IP 121: Pharmaceutical Calculations and Techniques

IP 125: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

IP 126: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Control

IP 131: Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals

IP 135: Pharmaceutical Engineering

IP 141: Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

IP 142: Physical Pharmacy

IP 155: Biopharmaceutics

IP 161: Pharmacokinetics

IP 165: Production Planning and Inventory Control

IP 170: Pharmaceutical Product Development

IP 175: Pharmaceutical Marketing

IP 185: Validation of Pharmaceutical Processes

IP 190: Cosmetic Product Development

IP 195: Pharmaceutical Statistics 1

IP 196: Pharmaceutical Statistics 2

Ph Ch 121: Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ph Ch 125: Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1

Ph Ch 125.1: Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1 Laboratory

Ph Ch 126: Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2

Ph Ch 126.1: Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2 Laboratory

Ph Ch 127: Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Ph Ch 127.1: Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Laboratory

Ph Ch 128: Medicinal Chemistry 1

Ph Ch 129: Medicinal Chemistry 2

Ph Ch 135: Pharmaceutical Analysis 1

Ph Ch 136: Pharmaceutical Analysis 2

Ph Ch 137: Pharmaceutical Analysis 3

Ph Ch 145: General Toxicology

Ph Ch 180: Introduction to Drug Discovery

Ph Ch 185: Biological Assay of Natural Products

Ph Ch 190: Assay Validation

Phar 100: Perspectives in Pharmacy

Phar 105: Introduction to Pharmacy Informatics

Phar 111: Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology 1

Phar 112: Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology 2

Phar 125: Pharmaceutical Accounting

Phar 127: Pharmaceutical Management

Phar 135: Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Phar 137: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Phar 140: Pharmacology for Pharmacy Students 1

Phar 141: Pharmacology for Pharmacy Students 2

Phar 154: Dispensing and Incompatibilities

Phar 155: Hospital Pharmacy

Phar 163: Legal Pharmacy 1

Phar 164: Legal Pharmacy 2

Phar 170: Pharmacotherapeutics for Pharmacy Students

Phar 172: Pharmacoepidemiology

Phar 174: Pharmacoeconomics

Phar 180.1: Community Pharmacy Internship

Phar 180.2: Hospital Pharmacy Internship

Phar 180.3: Industrial Pharmacy Internship

Phar 185: Public Health Pharmacy

Phar 190: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Phar 197: Pharmacy Seminar

Phar 199: Research Methods

Phar 200: Pharmacy Undergraduate Thesis

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