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Return Service Agreement

Brief History

The University of the Philippines (UP) is devoted toward providing the highest quality of education in the country and is serving as an effective tool of inculcating patriotism and the great responsibility of service to the community. Guided with the vision of continuous national development, the mission of the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) is to produce outstanding practitioners and leaders in the fields of health, the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Implemented in the year 2011, the Return Service Agreement (RSA) has become an absolute admission requirement for several programs offered by UPM – which includes the baccalaureate programs offered by the College of Pharmacy. The return service program requires the students of the seven health colleges of the university to sign a contract signifying their commitment to work and to serve the Filipino community after graduation. The RSA is now a requirement for admission to both Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSP) and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Pharmacy (BSIP) programs – covering all students (including shiftees and transferees) with student number 2011- onwards.

Purposes and Objectives

The origin of RSA is traced back to the establishment of the Philippine Medical School by the Commonwealth Act No. 1415 on December 1, 1905 to address the critical lack of physicians in the country. However, at the present time, most of the health professions graduates of the university have immigrated to other countries. The RSA program is the response of the university to meet the increasing demands for health professionals who practice in their respective fields of expertise in service of the Filipino people.

Through the program, the UP College of Pharmacy envisions its graduates to contribute to the increasing number of Filipino pharmacists working in the Philippines and to serve in various disciplines of pharmacy (i.e. Academe, Research, Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Regulatory Pharmacy, and Public Health Pharmacy among others). Students who are enrolled under BSP and BSIP programs are expected to work in the Philippines for 2 years within 5 years after graduation. Failure to comply will result to the breach of contract and will entail a corresponding penalty. This provision is subject to revisions by the university officials and is subject to approval by the UP Board of Regents.

Details of the RSA Contract

Prior to admission, each student is given the “Handbook on Return Service Agreement.” The handbook contains the program’s complete details on the implementing rules and regulations. Attached on this page is the one-page summary of the RSA program provided by UPM – Filename: “UPM One Page Summary for RSA.” Attached also is a document containing a summary of the guidelines on pre-termination and the corresponding penalties – Filename: “RSA Briefer.” These guidelines are approved as of 2014.

UP College of Pharmacy RSA Committee

The UP College of Pharmacy has constituted the Return Service Agreement (RSA) Committee and is headed by the College Secretary. The committee is responsible for coordinating all updates and proceedings regarding the implementation of RSA to the students and for the monitoring of its graduates. Any student or graduate covered under RSA may approach the committee regarding any concerns related to the program.

Alumni Relations Officer and RSA Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Mac Ardy J. Gloria

Tel.: 8525-4439


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