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Extension Services

The following are the Extension Programs/Services offered by the UP College of Pharmacy through its faculty and staff:

  • Telepharmacy
  • UP Drugs of Abuse Research Laboratory (UP DARL) Analytical Services
  • Immunizing Pharmacists Certification Program (IPCP)
  • Natural Products Research Consultancy
  • Pre-formulation/Formulation Consultancy
  • Pharmacogenomics Consultancy
  • Pharmacy Health Promotion Program
  • Community Health Development Advocacy Program
  • Community Outreach/Public Service Program
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences Immersion Program
  • Non-degree Continuing Education/Activities Programs (for Professionals)
  • Non-degree Education/Seminar/Workshop/Lecture/Webinar/Conference (for Students)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Consultancy
  • Industrial Pharmacy Research Consultancy
  • Pharmacy Practice Research Consultancy
  • National Government Agency (NGA) Technical Advisory/Consultancy Program
  • Non-Government Organization (NGO) Technical Advisory/Consultancy Program
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Technical Advisory/Consultancy Program
  • Equipment/Facility Extension Services
  • Scientific/Technical/Ethical Review & Consultancy
  • Pharmacy Information Dissemination/Mass Media Communication Program
  • Technology/Knowledge Transfer Program
  • Gender and Development Program
  • Professorial Lecture Series
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