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Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

As the first graduate program in pharmaceutical sciences in the Philippines, the MS Pharmaceutical Sciences program is dedicated to producing highly skilled and capable graduates who are equipped to excel in the dynamic and rapidly evolving fields of regulatory science, drug discovery and development, and product design and development. Through an innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum, graduates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the scientific and regulatory frameworks that underpin the pharmaceutical industry.

Program Objectives:

  1. Apply necessary skills to effectively manage pharmaceutical industry, academe, and research organizations/institutions;
  2. Apply the highest ethical and professional standards in academe and practice;
  3. Conduct researches that are responsive to the needs of the society in partnership with pharmaceutical industry, academe, and research organizations/institutions;
  4. Perform evaluation of compliance with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements; and,
  5. Conduct evidence-based interventions to address the challenges and needs of the product lifecycle

Downloads: MS Pharmaceutical Sciences Brochure, NGOHS Application Form

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