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Master of Science in Pharmacy

The greater demand for quality pharmacy services by the public, the need to conform to international practice standards as well as the emergence of complex drug delivery systems and therapy regimens are but some of the considerations that propelled the College to adopt a socially-responsive, standard-driven graduate program for pharmacy practitioners.

The curricular changes in the graduate offering, Master of Science in Pharmacy with three majors (Hospital Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry), address the current competencies required of pharmacists in the areas of industrial, institutional and research-oriented practice.

In general, the MS Pharmacy program aims to produce graduates who can:
1. Effectively manage a pharmaceutical organization
2. Be knowledgeable in establishing regulatory affairs compliance of pharmaceutical products and institutions
3. Demonstrate skills in the conduct of relevant research, whether basic or applied
4. Demonstrate teaching abilities and skills in pharmacy
5. Proactively participate in resolving issues as well as in formulating policies affecting the practice and the society

As of 2023, the newly approved Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Master of Science in Social and Administrative Pharmacy programs have replaced MS Pharmacy.

Downloads: MS Pharmacy Brochure, MSP (Hospital Pharmacy), MSP (Industrial Pharmacy), MSP (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Curricula

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