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Formulation of Anti-Hypertensive Standardized Herbal Extracts for Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development (2016, On-going study of Toralba, Bulatao, & Larcia)

Formulation of Standardized Herbal Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibiting Extracts for Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development (2016, On-going study of Balotro, Yu, & Quibin)

Formulation of Xanthine Oxidase Inhibition Activity of the Formulated Tablet from the Ethanolic Extracts of Selected Medicinal Plants for Gout (2016, On-going study of Palacpac & Ladignon)

Modification of a Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Course Design to Improve Student Performance (2016, Toralba, Larcia, & Orejola)

Effect of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 (Republic Act of 9994) on Drug Accessibility among Elderly (2016, Salenga, Loquias, Sarol)

Determination of the Angiogenic Effect of Ficus pseudopalma Blanco (Niyog-niyogan) Leaf Fractions on the Chorioallantoic Membrane of 10-Day Old Anna luzonica (Duck) Eggs (2015, Santiago, et al.)

Fractionation of the Antibacterial Components of Citrus aurantifolia Swingle (Fam. Rutaceae) Fruit Extracts (2015, Padilla, Avestruz, Gutierrez, & Toralba)

Academic Entrepreneurial Intention of Researchers of the University of the Philippines Manila – National Institutes of Health (2014, Balotro & Nevado)

Conceptual Design of Community-Based Herbal Manufacturing and Testing Laboratory in a Primary Health Care Setting (2014, Casauay)

Extraction and Purification of Pectin from the Fruit Peel Wastes of Selected Philippine Fruits (2014, Loquias)

Formulation of Standardized Plant Extracts as Supplements for Diabetes Mellitus (2014, Toralba, Orejola, & Ladignon)

In Vitro Pediculicidal Efficacy and Acute Dermal Irritation Tests of Coconut Oil Lotion and Cream Shampoo from Makabuhay Extract (2014, Balotro, Sagun, Balita, & Salud-Gnilo)

Junior Faculty Mentoring Relationships and Its Effectiveness in the College of Pharmacy in Metro Manila (2014, Gutierrez)

Evaluation of Community Pharmacy Internship Programme in the Philippines (2013, Carrido, Lorenzo, Macaldo, & Loquias)

Screening for the Anti-Angiogenic Activity of Selected Philippine Medicinal Plants using Chorioallantoic Membrane Assay (2013, Camposano, Dela Torre, Laxamana, Larcia, Loquias)

Peel Wastes of Ananas comosus, Sandoricum koetjape, Citrus nobilis as Lead and Cadmium Biosorbent in Manila Tap Water (2013)

Lead, Cadmium and Chromium in Selected Local Cigarettes Available in the Philippines (2013)

Comparison of Lead Absorption Ability of Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis L.) Leaves in Two Cities in Metro Manila, Philippines (2013)

The Roles of Pharmacists in Relation to Medical Doctors, Nurses, and BHWs in Preventing Dengue (2013)

Heavy Metal Concentrations in Canned Fruits of Litchi chinensis, Prunus persica, and Ananas comosus Marketed in the Philippines (2013)

Assessment and Filling of Gaps of the Anti-Dengue Program in the Philippines (2013)

Chemical Analysis and Culture Characterization of Water Kefir (2013)

Comparative Stability Study of Innovator and Generic Cefuroxime Sodium Powder for Injection Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (2013)

Thin Layer Chromatography Methods in the Characterization and Stability Analyses of the Aqueous and Dichloromethane Extracts of Lagerstroemia speciosa L. (Fam. Lythraceae) Leaves (2013)

Identification and Segregation of Chemical Wastes of Unknown Composition Generated and Implementation of Proper Chemical Waste Disposal by the College of Pharmacy University of the Philippines Manila (2011)

A Simple and Direct Titrimetric Assay of Acetaminophen in Tablets Using Cerium (IV) Sulfate (2010)

Comparative TLC Analysis of the Constituents of Four Commercially-Available Blumea balsamifera Preparations (2009)

Comparison of the Spectrophotometric and Titrimetric Methods for the Quantitative Analysis of Sulfa Drugs using Diazotization and Coupling Reactions with Phenol (2009)

Bioactive Metabolites from Sponge-derived Fungi (2007)


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