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Master of Science in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

The Master of Science in Social and Administrative Pharmacy is an outcome-based program that will be the first of its kind in UP and among pharmacy schools in the Philippines. The intended outcomes of this new curriculum are pharmacist leaders, managers, technical officers, academics, and researchers in drug system/health system administration in both public and private sectors, with robust skills in research and program implementation, outcomes evaluation and policy analysis for reforms in the health care system. The program prepares graduates who are competent in both research and practice for careers in governmental agencies, pharmaceutical firms, community pharmacies, universities, professional bodies, and health insurance companies, all of which have a direct and indirect impact on optimizing healthcare outcomes.

At the end of the program, Master of Science in Social and Administrative Pharmacy graduates must be able to:

  1. Manage health care system resources using health technology assessment, communication, and information technology skills to promote the safe and rational use of medicines and ensure organizational operational efficiency.
  2. Formulate policies for the improvement of the pharmaceutical system and overall health care system in the Philippines and other settings.
  3. Apply social science, economic, and management research, in the development of organized and efficient pharmaceutical system and health care system.
  4. Disseminate evidence-based information through effective means of communication in scientific and professional practice settings.
  5. Exemplify the highest ethical and professional standards in any academic undertakings and in practice.
  6. Manage a pharmaceutical organization by exhibiting good human relation, creativity, high sense of social responsibility, and transformative leadership skill.

Downloads: MS Social and Administrative Pharmacy Brochure, NGOHS Application Form

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