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Graduate Courses

MS PS & MS SAP Curriculum

Clin Pharm 201: Medication Therapy Management

Clin Pharm 207: Drug Use Evaluation

Clin Pharm 208: Drug Information Services

Pharm 201: Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

Pharm 202: Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis

Pharm 203: Medicine Use Behavior

Pharm 204: Applications of Health Technology Assessment in Health Care Systems

Pharm 205: Pharmacoepidemiology in Pharmacy Practice

Pharm 206: Institutional Pharmacy Management

Pharm 207: Social and Administrative Pharmacy Practice Experience

Pharm 296: Graduate Seminar

Pharm 299: Research Methods in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharm 300.1: Master’s Thesis 1

Pharm 300.2: Master’s Thesis 2

Pharm Sci 210: Risk Management

Pharm Sci 220: Business Development

Pharm Sci 230: Pharmaceutical Quality Audit

Pharm Sci 240: Regulatory Affairs in Product Development

Pharm Sci 250: Advanced Pharmaceutical Validation

Pharm Sci 255: Advanced Pharmaceutical Formulations

Pharm Sci 260: Drug Discovery and Design

Pharm Sci 265: Pharmacogenomics and Proteomics

Pharm Sci 270: Product Quality Review

Pharm Sci 275: Clinical Research

Pharm Sci 285: Trends in Natural Product Analysis

Pharm Sci 290: Drug Transport and Delivery

Pharm Sci 294: Internship for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharm Sci 295.1: Advanced Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory

Pharm Sci 300.1: Graduate Thesis 1

Pharm Sci 300.2: Graduate Thesis 2

MSP Curriculum

IP 202: Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

IP 205: Advanced Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals

IP 222: Applied Pharmacokinetics

IP 235: Pharmaceutical Plant Design

IP 241: Advanced Biopharmaceutics

IP 270: Trends in Pharmaceutical Product Development

IP 298: Special Problems in Industrial Pharmacy

Ph Ch 201: Alkaloids and Peptides

Ph Ch 202: Polyketides, Flavonoids, and Terpenoids

Ph Ch 203: Advanced Pharmaceutical Assays

Ph Ch 204: Essential Oils

Ph Ch 206: Advanced Biochemistry

Ph Ch 230: Analysis of Phytomedicinals

Ph Ch 241: Molecular Pharmacology

Ph Ch 245: Environmental Toxicology in Pharmacy

Ph Ch 281: Pharmaceutical Organic Synthesis

Ph Ch 285: Spectroscopic Methods in Structural Analysis

Ph Ch 298: Special Problems in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Phar 220: Institutional Pharmacy Management

Phar 221: Drug Information Services

Phar 227: Drug Management System

Phar 250: Medication Order Processing

Phar 255: Parenteral Admixtures

Phar 275: Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical Issues in Pharmacy

Phar 280: Pharmaceutical Care

Phar 297: Graduate Seminar

Phar 297.1: Special Topics in Pharmacy Practice

Phar 298: Special Problems in Hospital Pharmacy

Phar 299: Research Methods in Pharmacy

Phar 300: Master’s Thesis

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