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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Pharmacy

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Pharmacy (BSIP) program was instituted in 1951 in response to the government’s need for technically trained pharmacist to help shape the budding pharmaceutical industry. Graduates of this degree program are competent in handling the research and development, production and quality assurance requirements of various drug products.

In the last two decades, the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry had diversified the roles and functions of the industrial pharmacist. With a growing linage between the drug industry and the government, research institutions and the academe on drug-related concerns, new roles were being taken up by pharmacists while employed in the industry. Thus, they are expected to handle production, planning and inventory control, regulatory affairs, clinical research, marketing and drug information service. On the other hand, advances in technology and developments in worldwide regulatory standards dictate the strengthening and improvement of course offerings in pharmaceutics, quality assurance, management and pharmacology. Hence, a gap between education and practice had emerged. This propelled the College of Pharmacy to review and revise its BS Industrial Pharmacy program.

It is expected that graduates of the revised curriculum will have a solid foundation in product research and development, manufacturing and quality assurance, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical marketing and regulatory affairs. Through the graduates of this program, it is expected that the pharmacy profession will greatly contribute to the development of quality, safe and cost-effective medicines which the Filipino people are in dire need of.

As of July 2018, the newly approved Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program has replaced the BS Industrial Pharmacy.

Download: BSIP Curriculum

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