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Junior Faculty Mentoring And Enhancement Seminar Workshop: Baguio Arm

Junior Faculty Mentoring and Enhancement Seminar Workshop: Baguio Arm

On September 9-10, 2017, the Department of Pharmacy of the College of Pharmacy in collaboration with the Young Pharmacist Group Philippines and the Department of Pharmacy of Saint Louis University conducted a 12 unit 2 days CPD program entitled “Junior Faculty Mentoring and Enhancement Seminar Workshop” at the Lecture room of Saint Louis University in Baguio City. The program aimed to enhance the competency of junior faculty of pharmacy in teaching in an outcome based curriculum as well as practicing pharmacists in their ability to mentor their interns and younger colleagues. At the end of the 2 days seminar participants were able to create statement of teaching philosophy that is aligned with the principles of OBE, Translate the OBE curriculum to a relevant and functional syllabus and instructional design, Enhance their competence in delivery and in making their teaching and learning materials and manuals, Plan a fair student evaluation by mastering the principles of test construction and analysis, and Facilitate a formal mentoring program in the partner academic institution.


Assistant Professor Sheila May Nacabu-an, RPh, MHPEd and Assistant Professor Margarita Gutierrez RPh, MHPEd served as the speaker and facilitator for the 39 participants comprised of community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, academicians and public health pharmacists. The program was a success based on the workshop outputs and post event evaluation of the program which has a total mean score of 3.74 from a perfect score of 4 in likert scale.

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