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Conference On Substances Of Abuse In The Philippines

Conference on Substances of Abuse in the Philippines

The UP Drugs of Abuse Research Laboratory (DARL) is inviting everyone in our 2-day conference on the Substances of Abuse in the Philippines on June 4-5, 2019 at the Emilio T. Yap Auditorium, UP College of Pharmacy, UP Manila.

This conference aims to impart knowledge on various substances of abuse, including new psychoactive substances, to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and analysts. It will also provide an overview of drug testing and the LC-QTOF/MS method for the detection of substances of abuse.
At the end of the conference, participants are expected to:

1. Describe the new psychoactive substances encountered in the Philippine setting;

2. Describe the policies of the Dangerous Drugs Board with regard to the new psychoactive substances;

3. Describe the different classes of new psychoactive substances of abuse and explain the mechanism of action.

4. Discuss the clinical effects of the following groups of substances of abuse:

  • amphetamine-type stimulants: synthetic phenethylamines, cathinones
  • synthetic arylcyclohexamines, piperazines and tryptamines, synthetic cannabinoids, fentanyl and other synthetic opioids, plant-based psychedelics like mitragynine, salvinorin, pislocybin, and others

5. Discuss the current pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches to managing substance abuse;6. Describe drug testing policies in the Philippines.

Register using the following links: (for individuals) (for groups of 6)”

The conference will grant 12 CPD units for both chemists and pharmacists.

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