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Spotlight Binos

The UP College of Pharmacy proudly recognizes Mr. Richard Simon R. Binos as the recipient of the 2023 Distinguished Alumni in Other Pharmacy Areas award. Mr. Binos’ outstanding contributions and accomplishments in various pharmacy domains have made a significant impact on the healthcare landscape of the Philippines.

Mr. Binos currently serves as the Health Systems and Market Access Manager at the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Association of the Philippines. His role involves navigating the complex intersection of healthcare systems and market dynamics to ensure that patients have access to quality medicines. Through his efforts, he plays a vital role in shaping healthcare policies and fostering collaborations between different stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry.

Before his current position, Mr. Binos served as the Head of the Standards Development and Advocacy Section at the Center for Drug Regulation and Research (CDRR) of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). During his tenure, he played a crucial role in the development of several FDA policies that have had a positive impact on public health and safety. His expertise and dedication in this role contributed to the improvement of regulatory standards and the streamlining of drug approval processes in the country.

In addition to his work at the FDA, Mr. Binos has been actively involved in the formulation of legislation concerning medicine access, universal healthcare, special health laws, and the Philippine Pharmacy Act. His contribution to the development of these policies underscores his commitment to enhancing the healthcare landscape and ensuring equitable access to quality pharmaceutical services for all Filipinos.

Mr. Richard Simon R. Binos’ exceptional career trajectory reflects his unwavering dedication to the pharmacy profession and his relentless pursuit of excellence. His impact extends beyond his current role, as he continues to influence and shape the healthcare industry through his involvement in policy development and advocacy.

The UP College of Pharmacy proudly celebrates Mr. Binos’ achievements and recognizes him as a distinguished alumnus who has made significant contributions to the field of pharmacy. His dedication to improving healthcare systems and his advocacy for accessible and quality medicines exemplify the values and principles instilled by the university.

We congratulate Mr. Richard Simon R. Binos on being named the 2023 Distinguished Alumni in Other Pharmacy Areas. His outstanding contributions serve as an inspiration to fellow alumni and future generations of pharmacists, highlighting the transformative impact that pharmacy professionals can have on the healthcare landscape.

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