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Spotlight Pacia

We are thrilled to feature Ms. Maria Inez G. Pacia, a distinguished alumna of the UP College of Pharmacy, in our Alumni Spotlight. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1986, Ms. Pacia has made significant contributions to the field of industrial-clinical research, solidifying her status as a trailblazer in her profession.

Ms. Pacia currently holds the esteemed position of Clinical Research Manager for Glaxo and BMS, as well as the Regional Clinical Operations Director for BMS in Asia, China. Her extensive expertise and dedication have earned her the distinction of being one of the first pharmacists in the Philippines to be appointed as a Clinical Research Manager. Her contributions to clinical research have been instrumental in advancing pharmaceutical development and improving patient outcomes.

A true visionary, Ms. Pacia established a clinical research hub in Asia that covered 11 countries. Her operational model gained recognition in the industry for its efficiency and effectiveness, setting new standards for clinical research operations. Through her leadership and strategic guidance, she has significantly contributed to the successful execution of numerous clinical trials, fostering innovation and advancing healthcare in the region.

Beyond her role in industry, Ms. Pacia actively participates in professional organizations, further cementing her influence in the field. She serves on the Board of Directors for both the Philippine Association of Pharmacists in the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Philippine Clinical Research Professionals, Inc. Her involvement in these esteemed organizations allows her to shape policies, advocate for best practices, and foster collaboration among professionals in the field of industrial-clinical research.

Ms. Maria Inez G. Pacia’s remarkable achievements and groundbreaking contributions to industrial-clinical research make her an exceptional alumna of the UP College of Pharmacy. Her innovative approach, strategic leadership, and commitment to advancing healthcare through research have positioned her as a respected figure in the industry. We take immense pride in acknowledging Ms. Pacia’s accomplishments and look forward to witnessing her continued success as she continues to push the boundaries of industrial-clinical research.

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