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Spotlight Chua

The UP College of Pharmacy proudly recognizes Ms. Faye Diana C. Chua, BSP Class of 2000, as its distinguished alumna in the field of Public Health. Through her exceptional contributions and leadership, Ms. Chua has emerged as a visionary in promoting optimal pharmaceutical care and enhancing healthcare management practices.

Currently serving as the Development Management Officer IV in the Health Facility Development Bureau of the Department of Health (DOH), Ms. Chua plays a crucial role in shaping healthcare policies and standards, especially in health facilities

Her expertise and dedication have been instrumental in leading the publication of the 4th edition of the DOH Hospital Pharmacy Management Manual. This comprehensive manual serves as a valuable reference for hospital pharmacists and administrators, ensuring the delivery of optimal pharmaceutical care to patients.

Ms. Chua’s influence extends beyond the publication of the manual. She has actively contributed to the development of various DOH policies on hospital management and hospital pharmacy service standards. Her strategic insights and commitment to excellence have helped elevate the quality of healthcare services provided by hospitals across the country. She spearheaded the DBM-DOH JC No. 3 s. 2022 or the Revised Standards on Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern of Level III Government Hospitals with 200 to 1,500 Beds, CY 2022 Edition (Phase I), Pharmacy Department.

As an adviser for the DOH League of Pharmacists, Ms. Chua plays a pivotal role in guiding and supporting fellow pharmacists in their professional development. Her mentorship and expertise inspire aspiring pharmacists to strive for excellence and make a positive impact in the field of public health.

Ms. Faye Diana C. Chua’s exemplary leadership and contributions in the field of public health exemplify the values instilled by the UP College of Pharmacy. Her dedication to advancing healthcare management practices, development of essential policies, and commitment to professional mentorship make her an exceptional role model for current and future generations of pharmacists.

As Ms. Chua continues to shape the landscape of public health, her passion and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to the advancement of pharmaceutical care highlight the transformative power of combining public health principles with pharmaceutical knowledge.

The UP College of Pharmacy celebrates the achievements of Ms. Faye Diana C. Chua and proudly recognizes her as a distinguished alumna. Her contributions to the field of public health demonstrate the impact that pharmacists can make in shaping healthcare policies and improving patient care nationwide.

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