Undergraduate Courses




Clin Phar 175 Clinical Pharmacy Practice Development of competencies needed in the practice of clinical pharmacy with supervised hands-on training in selected wards of the Philippine General Hospital
Clin Phar 180 Patient Medication Counseling Principles and practice of patient medication counseling
IP 121 Pharmaceutical Calculations and Techniques Pharmaceutical Latin terminologies, calculations, and techniques in pharmacy
IP 125 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
IP 126 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Control Production and quality control testing of pharmaceutical products
IP 131 Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals
IP 135 Pharmaceutical Engineering
IP 141 Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Their Preparations Detailed discussion of various pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems
IP 142 Physical Pharmacy Application of physicochemical laws and principles to pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems
IP 155 Biopharmaceutics Introduction to basic concepts of biopharmaceutics as applied to the formulation and development of drug delivery system
IP 161 Pharmacokinetics
IP 165 Production Planning and Inventory Control Theory and practice of production planning and inventory control in manufacturing operations
IP 170 Pharmaceutical Product Development
IP 175 Pharmaceutical Marketing Theory and practice of marketing in the pharmaceutical industry
IP 185 Validation of Pharmaceutical Processes
IP 190 Cosmetic Product Development
IP 195 Pharmaceutical Statistics 1 Basic concepts and methods in statistics
IP 196 Pharmaceutical Statistics 2 Application of statistical methods in pharmacy
Ph Ch 121 Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Chemistry and pharmacy of inorganic medicinals
Ph Ch 125 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1 Basic concepts and principles in organic chemistry for pharmacy students
Ph Ch 125.1 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1 Laboratory Practical methods in the study of the structure, physical and chemical properties of organic compounds
Ph Ch 126 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2 Physical and chemical properties of the different classes of organic compounds, methods for their syntheses, and structural determination with emphasis on organic medicinal products, and introduction to biomolecules
Ph Ch 126.1 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2 Laboratory Single and multistep synthesis and structural analysis of simple organic compounds of pharmaceutical importance
Ph Ch 127 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Structures, functions, and metabolism of biomolecules
Ph Ch 127.1 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Laboratory Qualitative and quantitative analysis of biomolecules
Ph Ch 128 Medicinal Chemistry 1 Chemistry and pharmacy of medicinal natural products
Ph Ch 129 Medicinal Chemistry 2 Chemistry and pharmacy of synthetic organic medicinals
Ph Ch 135 Pharmaceutical Analysis 1 General methods used in pharmaceutical analysis
Ph Ch 136 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2 Physicochemical and instrumental methods used in pharmaceutical analysis
Ph Ch 137 Pharmaceutical Analysis 3 Miscellaneous methods in pharmaceutical analyses
Ph Ch 145 General Toxicology Fundamentals of toxicology including the study of the mechanisms of toxicity, clinical signs and symptoms, laboratory tests, treatment/antidotes/management of selected classified poisons
Ph Ch 180 Introduction to Drug Discovery Approaches in drug discovery
Ph Ch 185 Biological Assay of Natural Products Pharmacological and biochemical assays to screen natural products for activity
Ph Ch 190 Assay Validation Validation of assays used in pharmacy
Phar 100 Perspectives in Pharmacy The practice of pharmacy
Phar 105 Introduction to Pharmacy Informatics Methods of gathering and using drug and health-related information from various sources
Phar 111 Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology 1 Basic principles of human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems
Phar 112 Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology 2 Basic principles of human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of circulatory, hematopoeitic, nervous, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems
Phar 125 Pharmaceutical Accounting Financial management for pharmacists in all fields of practice
Phar 127 Pharmaceutical Management
Phar 135 Pharmaceutical Microbiology Microbiology and its application in the field of pharmacy
Phar 137 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Study of complementary and alternative medicine with focus on herbal products, homeopathic, nutritional and non-nutritional products
Phar 140 Pharmacology for Pharmacy 1 Principles of general pharmacology and systems pharmacology of autacoids, pain medicines, and drugs affecting the nervous and respiratory systems
Phar 141 Pharmacology for Pharmacy 2 Pharmacology of chemotherapeutic agents and of drugs affecting the digestive, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems
Phar 154 Dispensing and Incompatibilities Fundamentals of handling medications in the community and hospital settings; compounding, dispensing, incompatibilities, adverse drug reactions, drug therapy problems and the use of drug information sources
Phar 155 Hospital Pharmacy Hospital pharmacy practice as a vital component of healthcare in the institutional setting with emphasis on the role of the pharmacist in direct patient care
Phar 163 Legal Pharmacy 1 Fundamental laws, issuance, and regulations affecting pharmacy practice and education
Phar 164 Legal Pharmacy 2 Supplemental laws and regulations relevant to the practice and ethics in the pharmacy profession
Phar 170 Pharmacotherapeutics for Pharmacy Students Appropriate drug regimens for specific clinical conditions
Phar 172 Pharmacoepidemiology Application of epidemiologic principles and methodologies to drug utilization
Phar 174 Pharmacoeconomics Economic evaluation of medications and pharmaceutical services
Phar 180.1 Community Pharmacy Internship Practical training for pharmacy students in the retail drugstore setting
Phar 180.2 Hospital Pharmacy Internship Practical training for pharmacy students in the hospital setting
Phar 180.3 Manufacturing Pharmacy Internship Supervised and comprehensive exposure to the roles and functions of a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry
Phar 185 Public Health Pharmacy Principles and methods of public health and the role of the pharmacist in the provision of health care
Phar 190 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Basic principles of biotechnology and their application in disease management and the pharmaceutical industry
Phar 197 Pharmacy Seminar Reports on current studies and issues pertinent to the practice of pharmacy
Phar 199 Research Methods An introduction to research that includes the different steps in research proposal development as well as ethical aspects involved in the conduct of research
Phar 200 Pharmacy Undergraduate Thesis