Graduate Courses




HP 221 Instructional Design in Health Science Developments of a design of a unit of instruction within the participant’s are of teaching with particular consideration of the different available methods of instruction and their appropriateness for specific instructional situations in the health fields
IP 202 Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Development in manufacturing technology and pharmaceutical drug delivery systems
IP 205 Advanced Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals Recent developments in pharmaceuticals quality assurance
IP 222 Applied Pharmacokinetics Linear and nonlinear pharmacokinetics and dosage regimen applications
IP 235 Pharmaceutical Plant Design Pharmaceutical facilities and the manufacturing environment
IP 241 Advanced Biopharmaceutics
IP 270 Trends in Pharmaceutical Product Development Recent developments in the drug discovery process and regulations
IP 298 Special Problems in Industrial Pharmacy An original scholarly investigation on a specific area of specialization
Ph Ch 201 Alkaloids and Peptides Chemistry, biosynthesis and biological function of alkaloidal and peptide natural products.
Ph Ch 202 Polyketides, Flavonoids, and Terpenoids Chemistry, biosynthesis, and biological function of polyketides, flavonoids and terpenoids
Ph Ch 203 Advanced Pharmaceutical Assaying Modern instrumental methods in pharmaceutical analysis
Ph Ch 204 Essential Oils
Ph Ch 206 Advanced Pharmaceutical Biochemistry The analysis of biochemical processes and cellular structures that serve as targets for drug design and therapeutic intervention
Ph Ch 230 Analysis of Phytomedicinals
Ph Ch 241 Molecular Pharmacology
Ph Ch 245 Environmental Toxicology in Pharmacy
Ph Ch 281 Pharmaceutical Organic Synthesis
Ph Ch 285 Spectroscopic Methods in Structural Analysis Spectroscopic methods for elucidation of molecular structure
Ph Ch 298 Special Problems in Pharmaceutical Chemistry An original scholarly investigation on a specific area of specialization
Phar 220 Institutional Pharmacy Management Management principles and problems applied to the provision of pharmacy products and services within a health care organization
Phar 221 Drug Information Services Development, evaluation and provision of drug and health-related information
Phar 227 Drug Management System Management systems in the selection, procurement, storage and distribution of drugs in the hospital setting
Phar 250 Medication Order Processing Policies and guidelines on medication order processing
Phar 255 Parenteral Admixtures Technical requirements and safety measures in the preparation of mixed sterile drug products
Phar 275 Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Issues in Pharmacy Regulatory and legal aspects of drug development and distribution
Phar 280 Pharmaceutical Care Individualized outcomes-oriented drug therapy
Phar 297 Graduate Seminar Presentation on a topic of research
Phar 297.1 Special Topics in Pharmacy Practice Relevant issues and developments in pharmacy practice
Phar 298 Special Problems in Hospital Pharmacy Hospital-based clinical pharmacy research
Phar 299 Research Methods in Pharmacy Application of concepts on research and statistical techniques in drug development
Phar 300 Master’s Thesis